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Natterjack Irish Whiskey was launched on Valentine’s Day with no branding, just a model of a natterjack toad nearly 2 metres tall, placed in the centre of Dublin with a simple call to action to kiss him and post to social.

This enabled us to create a unique piece of video content to grab the attention of users online and connect the dots for anyone who had interacted with the toad the previous day.

The promotion of this video was tied into our media drop the next day, spread across many Irish influencers and online media outlets, creating instant mass awareness over the weekend.

Lisa Mehigan, Co-Founder, Natterjack Irish Whiskey

Love working with Spencer, he has been our digital North Star as we launched Natterjack Irish Whiskey. Part of the furniture, Spencer has integrated himself easily as part of our extended team. Nothing is too big or small, he is a pleasure to work with.


This initial burst was followed up with a video introducing the brand story.

Phase one created initial awareness of the brand, while this video really introduced consumers to the product and brand, and, most importantly, the people behind the brand.

Spencer understood us from the get go and executed a slick social media launch that got us on the map. We will be working with him for a long time. Thanks Spencer!


To continue the momentum, we held a large launch party, keeping the brand fresh across a large number of social channels over the launch period.

The difficulty in launching a new brand is building trust with the consumer; enough that they will be willing to purchase a completely unknown product. Linking an online launch with a product sold offline is always a big challenge. Layering this launch with trial points at on and off-trade locations around Dublin meant that we could use the mass awareness of the launch to push people to sample liquid. From there it’s an easy sell, as the quality of the product does the rest of the job. A testament to the brand and the success of the launch of Natterjack Irish Whiskey has been the volume and pace of orders, which has far exceeded expectations.

I have now been working with Aidan and Lisa for nearly three years. It really represents the approach I take with clients. Forming trust in what we do together will allow you to push the boundaries and grow your business. Aidan and Lisa have created something truly amazing and it’s an honour to be a part of their journey.

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