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SEO Training Course

Whether you’re a business owner or part of a team, my customised one-on-one or company SEO training is designed to help your business grow its organic initiatives and achieve a higher return on investment (ROI) for all your digital marketing campaigns.


Before embarking on our SEO training, I always conduct a thorough training needs analysis to understand your company’s knowledge level and ensure that our sessions align with your specific goals and objectives. This analysis goes beyond assessing competency; it aims to ensure that you achieve everything you desire for your business during our time together.


In a short period, I can equip your business with the SEO knowledge and skills necessary to drive sustainable growth. By implementing the core fundamentals and covering essential modules, we lay a solid foundation for your SEO strategy. Additionally, I can allocate more time to modules that require additional attention based on your preferences.

Spencer Alexander - SEO Consultant in Dublin & Ireland
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Overview of SEO Training

  • The Evolution of Search Engines
  • Significance of SEO: Unlocking Online Success
  • Developing an Impactful SEO Strategy: Your Roadmap to Success
  • Unveiling Customer Needs through Comprehensive Keyword Research
  • Delving into Technical SEO Aspects: Unleashing Website Potential
  • Elevating User Experience: Navigating the Path to Success
  • Content Marketing: Captivating Audiences & Driving Results
  • Mastering the Art of Link Building: Building Bridges to Success
  • Estimating Time, Performance, and Resources
  • Iterations and Testing: Fuelling Growth through Continuous Improvement
  • Performance Review with Google Analytics & Search Console: Insights for Success

SEO Training Outcomes

By the end of our SEO training, you will possess the necessary expertise to develop and execute a comprehensive SEO strategy that drives the organic growth of your digital assets. Here are some of the key takeaways and outcomes you can expect:

  • Customer-centric thinking, ensuring your content meets their needs
  • Troubleshooting common SEO issues with ease
  • Relying on critical thinking rather than relying heavily on third-party tools
  • Full training in essential SEO tools to support your decision-making
  • Identifying market trends and conducting competitor analysis
  • Identifying and resolving major and minor technical SEO issues
  • A comprehensive checklist of SEO issues to find, fix, or avoid
  • Expertise in utilising Google Search Console to uphold high standards
  • Strategically planning content marketing initiatives
  • Building a strong platform for outreach efforts
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