WooCommerce Facebook Pixel Conversion Tracking Setup


I will fully integrate your WooCommerce store with Facebook to tag products on Instagram and target your customers with dynamic ads with WooCommerce Facebook Pixel conversion tracking.

Track all your revenue in Facebook Analytics and use it to understand which content creates the most sales. Please note this is for WooCommerce only!

This will require Facebook Business Manager. If you don’t have an account I can help you set this up too.


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Let me take care of your WooCommerce Facebook Pixel Conversion Tracking setup and fully integrate your WooCommerce store with Facebook and import your catalogue of products.

This catalogue will hold information about all the items you want to advertise or sell on Facebook and Instagram. You can connect your catalogue to different types of ads and sales channels to show people your items, including Shops on Facebook and Instagram, dynamic ads and more.

With this tracking setup you will have full use of Facebook Analytics. This can allow you to take a more detailed look at the connection between Facebook/Instagram and revenue.


Why Create WooCommerce Facebook Pixel Conversion Tracking

Setting up Facebook Pixel conversion tracking for your WooCommerce store will give you many benefits:

  • Create better targeting audiences helping you build better customer relationships
  • Analyse and track the results of advertising campaigns across devices
  • Import all your store products and categories into Facebook
  • Understand the LTV of your Facebook users
  • Analyse engagement to sales


What is the Facebook Pixel and How Does It Work?

It’s a snippet of HTML code that can be generated from your Facebook Business Manager. By placing the pixel on every page of your website you can track any actions that your users take and feed this back to Facebook.


What Can You Do With the Facebook Pixel?

There are many added capabilities having the Facebook pixel on your site will give you when creating ads, such as:

  • Remarketing/retargeting
  • Bidding on conversions (you will need 50 conversions in the last 7 days for this to work properly)
  • Custom audiences
  • Lookalike audiences created from user actions


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