Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics for WooCommerce Setup


This Google Analytics WooCommerce integration will connect your online WooCommerce store fully with Google Analytics so you can track all customer actions on your site. Know exactly how much revenue each channel is creating to get the complete picture of your marketing performance. Please note this is for WooCommerce only!

After you purchase I will be in contact to gain access to your accounts and Wordpress CMS in order to set everything up for you. Turn around time is usually 3 days.


Get a full 360 view of where your traffic comes from to who purchases what and how much they spend with my Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics for WooCommerce setup package. Push data layers on your site to record enhanced ecommerce data in Google Analytics, which you can use to see the real value of your channels and marketing.

Track more than just the standard data in Google Analytics. I will install Google Tag Manager on your site so you can get the most out of WooCommerce and Google Analytics leveraging dataLayers.

This Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics setup will allow you to see:

  • Where users came from and the revenue performance of each channel
  • Sessions with product views
  • Add to cart recording
  • Sessions with checkout
  • Transactions
  • Transaction value
  • Product performance reports


Why Set Up Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking in Google Analytics for WooCommerce?

It gives you a much better picture of which online marketing channels are performing, and which aren’t. The example below shows the acquisition report in analytics which will now have revenue data. It can allow you to see exactly which campaigns and channels drive sales.


Google Analytics for WooCommerce Channel Performance


What Are Data Layers?

A data layer is a JavaScript object that is used to pass information from your website to your Tag Manager container. You can then use that information to populate variables and activate triggers in your tag configurations.

The data layer connects your website with your Google Tag Manager container and will let you fire tags on certain special conditions. Each data layer contains a list of key-value pairs. A key-value pair is basically just two values, one of which is the key and the other is the value. For example when the order complete data layer fires one of its keys will be subtotal. The value for this key will be your transaction value, excluding tax and shipping.

You can then use this value in Google Tag Manager to populate the revenue in Google Analytics.


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