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Google Analytics GA4 Setup


This project focused on the implementation of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and the integration with Ticketsolve, for a connected online booking system, for 14 Henrietta Street. The goal was to improve measurement capabilities, gain valuable insights, and optimise the booking process for tour and activity ticket bookings. This case study outlines the features and technical requirements, as well as the expected outcomes of the project.


  1. Limited Measurement Capabilities: The existing Universal Analytics account had limitations in capturing and analysing comprehensive data, hindering the ability to track key metrics and user behaviours effectively.
  2. Incomplete Integration: The GA4 integration with Ticketsolve was not yet available, creating challenges in recording and analysing data related to bookings and conversions.
  3. Reporting Efficiency: The need for a more streamlined and comprehensive reporting solution, connecting GA4 data with Looker Studio (DataStudio) reports, was identified to provide valuable insights for decision-making.
Google Analytics GA4 Setup for 14 Henrietta Street


Analytics Setup:

  1. Ensure the setup of Google Analytics 4 e-commerce tracking to capture data related to purchases, add-to-cart actions, newsletter sign-ups, and contact form submissions.
  2. Enable advanced measurements for specific events, such as email clicks and phone clicks, to gain deeper insights into user interactions.
  3. Implement demographics reports to understand the characteristics and behaviors of the website visitors.
  4. Enable Google Signals data collection to gather additional insights about user behaviour across devices.

Booking Analysis:

  1. Extract a sample of data from Ticketsolve for a designated period and compare it with the data recorded in GA4 to ensure accurate tracking and validation.
  2. Set up basic funnel and path exploration to analyze the booking process and identify areas for improvement.

Integration and Reporting:

  1. Connect GA4 with the client’s Big Query account to facilitate data integration and provide further analysis capabilities.
  2. Establish the connection between Search Console and GA4 to gather search performance data and enhance website insights.
  3. Connect Looker Studio (DataStudio) reports to GA4, ensuring that the reports include GA4 e-commerce data once the integration with Ticketsolve is completed.


  1. Enhanced Measurement Capabilities: The implementation of GA4 and the integration with Ticketsolve provided improved tracking and measurement of key metrics, allowing for more accurate analysis of user behavior and booking patterns.
  2. Comprehensive Reporting: The connection between GA4 and Looker Studio (DataStudio) reports facilitated the creation of comprehensive and visually appealing reports, combining GA4 data with other relevant metrics and dimensions.
  3. Streamlined Booking Process: Through the analysis of booking funnels and paths, insights were gained into user drop-off points and areas for optimization, enabling 14 Henrietta Street to enhance the booking process and improve conversion rates.
  4. Data-Driven Decision-Making: The availability of advanced measurements, demographics reports, and integrated data sources empowered 14 Henrietta Street to make informed decisions based on accurate and comprehensive insights.
Google Analytics GA4 Setup for 14 Henrietta Street Example Dashboard

By implementing Google Analytics 4 and integrating it with Ticketsolve, 14 Henrietta Street successfully enhanced its measurement capabilities, gained valuable insights, and optimised the booking process for tour and activity ticket bookings. The comprehensive reporting solution, along with the integration with other data sources, provided a holistic view of website performance and user behaviour. This case study demonstrates the importance of leveraging advanced analytics tools and integrations to drive data-driven decision-making and improve overall business outcomes.

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