E-Commerce Store Build on Woocommerce


2020 saw many businesses move their offering online in order to stay open. is just one example of this adaptation, but was a unique project as it was the first site in Ireland to directly link with DHL through their new API. was previously a B2B brochure site, but when the pandemic hit they needed to pivot the business into the B2C space. This meant adding an online store to the current WordPress site as quickly as possible.

With the site already built it was an easy process to add WooCommerce to handle the ecommerce function, and we were up and running in only a matter of days, with the first few products selling out almost immediately!


With this unprecedented influx of sales for the business, we needed to find a solution to automate the transfer of orders in WooCommerce over to the DHL dashboard, rather than manually copying each one.


Working closely with DHL, who had a new application not yet launched in Ireland, we managed to implement the first test case in the market of integrating WooCommerce and DHL. Orders now processed in WooCommerce auto populate in the DHL dashboard, meaning the owner can now concentrate on growing this new B2C side of the business, rather than wasting time with data entry.

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