Digital Strategy

Slane Whiskey Distillery


Tasked with creating a full 360 digital campaign for the launch of the new Slane Distillery, I developed an integrated advertising strategy to generate greater awareness for the distillery and deliver increased footfall in 2018.

The primary objective was to present Slane Distillery as an enticing tourist destination with a rich heritage, targeting individuals who were planning to visit Ireland from the United States. Additionally, we aimed to maintain our focus on domestic tourists and motivate this audience to book a complete tour experience.

To accomplish these goals, the approach was structured around a fundamental digital journey funnel consisting of the following key elements:


1. Awareness

Delivering an omni-channel approach, we used social media platforms and digital display ads to generate widespread awareness of Slane Distillery. Captivating visuals and engaging content showcased its unique features and whiskey-making process, creating excitement and curiosity among the audience.

2. Consideration

Through targeted search ads, we captured the attention of potential tourists actively researching trips to the Boyne Valley. By appearing prominently in search engine results, we positioned Slane Distillery as a top contender and encouraged users to explore further.

3. Purchase

We directed users to our website for convenient tour bookings, employing persuasive copy and clear calls-to-action. Retargeting strategies on social media reminded potential visitors who hadn’t completed bookings, enticing them with reminders and offers to finalise their reservations.

4. Advocacy

To foster advocacy, we encouraged customers to share positive experiences and reviews. Point-of-sale materials and staff interactions at the Distillery prompted visitors to review on platforms like Google. Email marketing and social media engagements invited guests to share online, offering incentives to motivate them as brand advocates.

The campaign drove an increase in footfall to Slane Whiskey Distillery with distinct learnings on how we should adapt moving forward, looking to enhance the strategy to capture travellers on their holidays in Ireland.

This full 360 digital campaign for the launch of Slane Distillery proved to be a resounding success. By employing an integrated advertising strategy and an omni-channel approach, we were able to achieve our objectives of generating widespread awareness, driving consideration and purchase, and fostering advocacy.

Through captivating visuals, engaging content, and strategic use of social media platforms and digital display ads, we successfully introduced Slane Distillery as a must-visit destination. We created a buzz around its launch, enticing both domestic and international tourists, particularly those planning trips to the Boyne Valley from America.

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