Smarter Surfaces



Looking to updated their marketing plan for the coming years, Smarter Surfaces  have a large range of activities across the business, and are present in over 20 countries over five continents. The strategy had to be global in structure, but adaptable to individual markets to account for differences in consumer behaviour.

One of my favourite questions to pose to clients is what can we stop? What are we investing too much time in and not seeing results from? Where should we focus on and build a solid system that works through just one or two channels, so we can manage it better?

Smarter Surfaces was a great example of trying too many channels when they should really have been focusing on doing fewer, but better.

Malt and Mash have provided us with marketing support over the last number of years. Spencer is insightful with a no nonsense approach, they have created and driven a number of successful B2B campaigns we are very happy to work with them.


Good strategy comes up with a solid argument for why a business uses certain channels, messaging and content, all based on researching what the company stands for and the target market. With any business you’re looking for the fit between the two.

For Smarter Surfaces, I developed two strategies; one for each of the two distinct elements of the business. They proposed cutting back on current activities, and creating a growth plan for subscriptions that focused on the quality, rather than the quantity, of content, in order to build their email list. In most industries there’s a direct correlation between subscription number growth and revenue growth, particularly for ecommerce businesses.

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