Monthly Marketing Support

Your comprehensive solution for sustained digital marketing excellence.

Benefits of Monthly Marketing Support

Continuous Marketing Efforts: know that your digital marketing is proactive and ongoing, keeping your business relevant and engaged with your audience.

Access to Expert Skills: Tap into a wide range of advanced digital marketing skills without the need to hire in-house specialists.

Enhanced Online Visibility: Elevate your brand’s presence and capture the attention of your target audience more effectively.

Resource Optimisation: Free up your internal team to focus on core business activities while we handle the complexities of digital marketing.

Informed Decision-Making: Benefit from detailed insights and analytics that inform smarter marketing decisions and strategies.

Monthly Marketing Support packages report for SME

Monthly Marketing Support Packages

I understand the challenges businesses face in maintaining an active and effective online presence. Whether it’s the lack of time, resources, or expertise, these hurdles can prevent you from leveraging the full potential of digital marketing to grow your business. That’s where my Monthly Marketing Support programmes come into play.



Monthly Strategy Session: Engage in a detailed monthly consultation where we discuss your business goals, challenges, and opportunities in the digital landscape.

Advice & Recommendations: Receive personalised advice on your current digital marketing efforts and recommendations on how to improve your online presence.

Social Media Insight: Gain insights into how you can effectively use social media to engage your audience and promote your brand.

Initial SEO Assessment: Get an overview of your website’s current SEO standing along with basic recommendations for improvement.

Email & Phone Support: Have your queries answered with ongoing support, ensuring you have the guidance you need as you start to plan and implement your digital marketing strategy.


Start Up

One Advertising Platform Setup & Management: Launch your brand on the most platform which makes the most sense for your business with professional setup and ongoing management to ensure optimal performance.

Ad Review & Digital Report: Receive a monthly review of your ad performance, including key metrics and actionable insights to improve your campaigns.

Advice & Recommendations for Social Media: Gain expert guidance on how to effectively engage your audience and promote your brand on social media.

Monthly Analytics Review: Understand your online performance with a comprehensive analytics report, offering insights into traffic, engagement, and conversion trends.

Email and Phone Support: Access dedicated support for any questions or adjustments needed throughout the month.



Two Advertising Platforms Setup & Management: Broaden your reach with two advertising platforms, tailored to target your ideal audience more effectively.

Basic SEO Optimisation: Enhance your website’s search engine ranking with basic SEO strategies, including keyword optimisation and on-page SEO enhancements.

Bi-Weekly Analytics and Performance Report: Stay informed with more frequent updates on your digital performance, allowing for agile adjustments and optimisations.

Advice & Recommendations for Social Media: Continue to receive expert social media guidance tailored to your growing audience and evolving brand strategy.

Monthly Analytics Review: A deeper dive into your digital performance with additional insights and analysis.

Email and Phone Support: Ongoing support to address your evolving needs as you scale.



Three Advertising Platforms Setup & Management: Maximise your visibility and impact with three key advertising platforms, customised to reach your target demographics across different channels.

Advanced SEO Optimisation and Support: Leverage sophisticated SEO strategies, including technical SEO, content optimisation, and link building to significantly enhance your search engine performance.

Social Media Strategy Consulting: Develop a cutting-edge social media strategy with my help, designed to engage your audience, build community, and drive conversions.

Weekly Analytics, Insights, and Optimisation Report: Receive detailed weekly reports with actionable insights, allowing for rapid response to trends and optimisation opportunities.

Priority Email and Phone Support: Enjoy front-of-the-line access to support, ensuring your queries and needs are addressed with the utmost urgency.

Content Marketing Guidance: Benefit from expert advice on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

PPC & Retargeting Strategy Development: Advanced support in developing and optimising pay-per-click advertising and retargeting campaigns for maximum ROI.

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