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Holistic Approach: My extensive background in both digital and traditional marketing means your business gets comprehensive growth strategies.

Google Partner: Proven expertise and access to the latest Google Ads innovations, ensuring your campaigns are always top of page.

Bespoke Strategies: Tailored campaigns that resonate with your brand’s voice and objectives.

ROI-Focused: Every euro spent is an investment towards growth.

WooCommerce Expertise: With a deep understanding of WooCommerce, I will set it up to maximise your success.

Transparent Reporting: No jargon, just clear insights into how your ads are performing.


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Google Ads for WooCommerce - Performance for Client

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Learn More About Google Ads for WooCommerce

Unlock the full potential of your WooCommerce store with strategic Google Ads campaigns. Leveraging the power of Google Ads for WooCommerce not only enhances your online presence but also drives targeted traffic to your store, increasing sales and customer engagement.

Why Google Ads for WooCommerce?

WooCommerce, a customisable platform for building your online business, pairs perfectly with Google Ads to create dynamic advertising campaigns that reach your desired audience. With WooCommerce’s extensive user plugins and Google Ads’ vast network, you can:

  • Reach Targeted Audiences: Use Google Ads to target customers specifically looking for products your WooCommerce store offers.
  • Increase Sales: Drive more traffic to your WooCommerce site, resulting in increased sales and revenue.
  • Measure Performance: Google Ads provides detailed analytics to measure the success of your campaigns and adjust strategies accordingly.

Get Set Up For Success with Google Ads for WooCommerce

  1. Link WooCommerce Store to Google Merchant Center: This is the first step in showcasing your products across Google. The Google Listings & Ads plugin simplifies this process. There are also more complex setups if you want more control over the feed data being send to Google, like Data Feed Watch.
  2. Create Google Ads Account: If you haven’t already, sign up for Google Ads to start creating your campaigns.
  3. Set Up Campaigns: Focus on campaign types that are most beneficial for eCommerce, such as Shopping and Smart campaigns, to display product listings and drive online sales.
  4. Optimise Ads: Use high-quality images, compelling product descriptions, and targeted keywords to improve the visibility and effectiveness of your ads.
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Google Ads for WooCommerce - Best Practices

Use Google Analytics: Integrate GA4 with your WooCommerce store to gain insights into customer behaviour and ad performance.

Optimise for Mobile: Ensure your ads and WooCommerce site are optimized for mobile devices to capture the growing number of mobile shoppers.

Focus on High-Performing Products: Identify and promote your best-selling or high-margin products to maximise ROI.

Adjust Bids Based on Performance: Regularly review your campaigns’ performance and adjust bids for keywords or products that are performing well.