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This is a three part digital marketing strategy guide to help you formulate your plan to reach and build your audience with the right message.

It can be tempting to think that our marketing is taken care of because we are posting on our social, fulfiling what’s required of us.

Yet communications and content need to fit into a bigger picture. They should align with the business and its objectives, what it stands for, what it promises to deliver, and who that’s to be delivered to. Published content needs to fit with each these elements so you can deliver on a particular goal, or goals.

Aimlessly publishing content that doesn’t fit what your business stands for creates problems. You might already be facing some of them!

You’re publishing content but it doesn’t seem to be creating much of an audience

Or, publishing content sporadically without purpose because its not defined

You’re not getting ROI from your content

Or, not driving consumer action with your content because it’s not the right fit

You’re spending too much time producing content, then it ends up being subpar

Digital Marketing Strategy Guide

Most of these issues arise because you haven’t identified or internally communicated the business objectives, mission, or the target audience and you end up talking off topic or only about your products.

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This guide comes in three parts, with a checklist of items for you to complete after each section.

The Need to Develop a Marketing Strategy First

If you develop a marketing strategy correctly it will bring clarity, structure and consistency to all of your communications. This will give direction to the content you produce. Content will ONLY be created based on whether it achieves your goals, fits the business and speaks to your audience.

This marketing strategy guide is a step by step roadmap to publishing content that will build a relationship with your audience. It covers everything you need up until you hit ‘POST’.

If you have been struggling to develop a content strategy that works, this digital marketing strategy guide is for you. Or, if you are looking to start marketing this is where you should begin, because getting these element right at the begin will ensure success down the road. If you need any support just get in contact with me and I’ll be happy to give you some guidance!