Digital Marketing Services

I offer multiple digital marketing services for small businesses and larger companies. No matter what your requirements are, I have a solution for you!

What We Do

Social, Ecommerce & Digital Marketing Services for startups, small businesses and SMEs

Digital Growth Approach

I specialise in, and provide, digital marketing services for startups, small and medium businesses. I like to work with a constantly evolving process driven by data and based on a Build > Measure > Learn framework.

If you’re a local business looking to increase footfall, an ecommerce store hoping to drive more transactions, or a startup that needs to generate awareness, I will work with you to tailor a strategy best suited to your needs.

Comms Strategy


Understand who you’re talking to and what you need to say. Develop communications that speak to your customers and build a relationship.



Take your communications strategy and deliver it through a structured social and digital plan that puts you in front of the right people at the right time.

Ecommerce Marketing


Run your ecommerce marketing campaigns across the channels that make the most sense for your business.

Email & Lead Gen


Usually a top converting channel in ecommerce, use email to directly communicate with your customers delivering your message directly to their inbox.

Content Marketing


Create a content programme that keeps your customers returning even when they’re not purchasing so you always stay top of mind.



Promote your content to the right people and show for right search term on the most relevant platforms to help grow your email list, audience and revenue.



Create a process for each piece of content you publish to give it the best chance of ranking high on search engines, while implementing a plan that increases your domain authority.

Marketing Funnels


Create automated funnels that leverage your targeting buckets to turn part of your marketing into a hands free selling machine.

Loyalty & Referral


Use the customers you’ve already converted to generate leads and grow sales with simple tactics to encourage repeat and referral business.